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Botox® is the nation’s leading injectable neuromodulator that was FDA-approved for cosmetic use in 2002 to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the face. It is especially effective in relaxing wrinkles and fine lines caused by movement, such as crow’s feet, glabella (11’s), vertical frown lines, and horizontal forehead lines. 

After your treatment, you can expect to get back to your day as soon as you’d like! You may experience some minor injection site reactions such as bruising, bleeding, tenderness, or itching. These reactions are all normal and usually subside within a day or two. To help minimize the possibility of an injection site reaction, we ask that you avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol, avoid aspirin and ibuprofen, and to avoid exercise for the rest of the day following your appointment. The full results of the product take two weeks to settle in, but you may start feeling the effects within three to five days with the results lasting three to four months, depending on your own unique physiology and the location of the injections. 

Here at TLC we take pride in creating a customized approach to your face and are able to tailor your service to match your goals.

What To Expect

Botox Treatment Walkthrough

Our short video will walk you through what to expect during your Botox treatment.

Botox® FAQs

Botox is a safe and minimally invasive procedure when performed by licensed and skilled professionals. BOTOX® Cosmetic has been FDA approved in April 2002 to treat fine lines and wrinkles in the forehead, around the eyes, and between the eyebrows.

You will start to feel the effects of Botox within 3-5 days of your appointment. After 14 days your Botox will be in its full effect and should last 3 to 4 months!

Baby Botox aka preventative Botox is when we use smaller doses of Botox than the FDA approved dosing to prevent wrinkles from forming. The results typically last for 2 months, compared to the 3-4 months that regular dosing holds for, but this varies patient to patient.

The best time to start Botox is before the wrinkles become static lines instead of only being visible with movement. For most individuals it is recommended to start Botox treatments in your late 20’s / early 30’s!

Our pricing for Botox is at $14 per unit.

Do enjoy the rest of your day!


  • exercise for 24 hours
  • sauna / hot yoga
  • laying face down / face massages