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Elevate your beauty with our seasoned expert and trainer in semi-permanent makeup. With vast expertise, we’ve been sculpting and refining faces, ensuring each client radiates confidence.

Microblading Brows: Experience the transformative power of microblading. This precise technique employs hair-like strokes to fill in and redefine sparse eyebrows, ensuring a naturally full appearance that beautifully frames and accentuates facial features.

Powder Brows: Our powder brow service is perfect if you’re after a gentle, powdery makeup finish that lasts. By carefully implanting pigment into the skin, a gradient and depth effect is achieved, crafting fuller brows without the daily rigmarole of makeup.

Lip Blushing: Revitalize your lips with our lip blushing service. Enhancing the natural hue of your lips, this treatment imparts a vibrant and youthful flush, eliminating the constant need for lipstick reapplication.

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner: Embellish your eyes with minimal daily effort. Our semi-permanent eyeliner service promises perfect, smudge-proof lining day after day, catering to those who prefer a subtle lash enhancement or a bolder definition.

With treatments that perfectly blend art and technique, discover the pinnacle of semi-permanent makeup solutions that prioritize and amplify your innate beauty.

Semi-Permanent Makeup Results

Botox® FAQs

You will start to feel the effects of Botox within 3-5 days of your appointment. After 14 days your Botox will be in its full effect and should last 3 to 4 months!

Baby Botox aka preventative Botox is when we use smaller doses of Botox than the FDA approved dosing to prevent wrinkles from forming. The results typically last for 2 months, compared to the 3-4 months that regular dosing holds for, but this varies patient to patient.

The best time to start Botox is before the wrinkles become static lines instead of only being visible with movement. For most individuals it is recommended to start Botox treatments in your late 20’s / early 30’s!

At TLC we offer a sliding scale pricing for your treatment.

  • 1-34 units = $14 / unit
  • 35 – 99 units = $12 / unit
  • >100 units = $11

Do enjoy the rest of your day!


  • exercise for 24 hours
  • sauna / hot yoga
  • laying face down / face massages