Last Updated: March 2024

The TLC VIP Monthly Memberships is the perfect membership.  The membership program is a non-expiring credit bank membership. Each month your card is automatically charged, and the full amount goes into your credit bank to use toward products and services. 

VIP Monthly Membership – $99 per month 
12-month commitment. Recurring monthly payments goes directly towards your credit bank. 10% off retail pricing for most products and services (*see limitations) Exclusive member only events. Exclusive member only coupons for products and services 

TLC VIP Monthly Membership Terms and Agreement 

Our terms are simple with just a few rules to keep in mind so that we may continue to serve you in the best possible manner. 

Our Membership Program includes many great benefits.  Each month your recurring payment goes directly towards your credit bank.  You can use your credit bank for most retail products and services.


  • IV services.  You can use your credit bank, but there is no 10% member discount for IV services.
  • Permanent Makeup.   You can use your credit bank, but there is no 10% member discount for Permanent Makeup.

The Membership Program comes with certain exclusive members only coupons and events, including occasional free services. Memberships, benefits, and complimentary services are non-transferable and non-refundable. Memberships auto-renew and have no initiation fees. TLC continues to adhere to our Appointment Cancellation Policy and kindly ask that you provide us with a 24-hour cancellation notice and standard policies and fees apply for no-show appointments. Cancellation fees can be taken from your credit bank.

Your credit card and email address is required for participation in our Membership Program. Your credit card will remain securely on file and your credit card will be charged the amount each month.  

This agreement may be terminated at any time after the initial 12-month term. If you need to cancel your membership within the 12-month term, you may be subject to a $100 cancellation fee. To terminate the membership simply provide at least 30 days’ notice in advance of your termination date.  As of the effective date of termination, any unused credit bank amounts will expire.  TLC Skincare Clinic reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the Membership Program upon advance prior written notice.    

All Membership Services are final. Membership Benefits are not applicable with other current spa promotions, unless specified.  The 10% discount is a discount on retail pricing.

Note:  Alle points (and other vendor rebate programs) count as cash. You still get the 10% off pricing even when using your credit bank combined with vendor rebate points. 

TLC Woodinville VIP Monthly Membership Contract 

Membership Type and Payment Schedule: 

Agreement start date: ____________________  

  1. Your membership dues will be due monthly, $99 until your membership is terminated in accordance with the terms and agreement.  Your obligation to pay membership dues is not dependent upon your usage of the services.    Your membership dues accrue towards your credit bank and never expire with active membership. 
  2. There are no refunds of membership dues or your credit bank balance.
  3. If your credit card fails to run the charge, you are still obligated to the cost of membership.   Late fees and collection fees would apply. 
  4. The VIP monthly membership is an initial 12-month commitment of 99$ per month.  After that initial term you can terminate the membership with 30 days notice. 

By signing below, I authorize TLC Skincare Clinic to complete a monthly electronic fund transfer (charge) from my credit card as listed below.  I understand that TLC Skincare Clinic will continue to charge my account until I cancel my membership in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement and that any membership status change request must be submitted in writing via email (, or within 30 days to 17320 135th Ave NE, Suite A Woodinville, WA 98072 Attention: Membership Services. 

I am at least 18 years of age and wish to enter this agreement with TLC Woodinville to obtain an VIP Monthly 

I understand that this membership will not be effective until this General Terms Agreement has been executed and all of its terms have been complied with. By providing an email address, I expressively consent to receive email messages regarding various products, newsletters and special offers. I agree to pay TLC Skincare Clinic for the membership according to the payment schedule shown above.  If you agree to be bound by the general terms of the TLC Skincare Clinic’s VIP Membership agreement please sign your name below.  Service and Product prices subject to change without notice.

By signing below you acknowledge reading and accepting this general membership agreement terms and conditions presented.