Hello, fabulous at fifty! Who said aging is all about knitting and quilting? Not me! As I hit the big 5-0, I realized something exhilarating – we’re in an age renaissance. The days of silently succumbing to wrinkles and age spots is not a requirement anymore. Now, we have a magic box of tricks to not only look amazing but feel like we’re still in our 30s. At TLC Skincare Clinic, my journey wasn’t just about turning back the clock; it was about sprinting forward into a world where age is just a number, and vitality is our best friend.  Anti-aging isn’t just about living longer, it’s about living a better quality of life today and a more enjoyable future. 

Transformative Treatments at TLC Skincare Clinic:

Sculptra Treatments for Each Life Decade: With each Sculptra session, I felt like I was turning back the pages of time, restoring the firmness and vitality my skin had lost over the years. This collagen building biostimulator was not just a treatment; it was a celebration of my journey, honoring every wrinkle earned and every smile line cherished.

Skinvive and Botox for Radiance: The combination of Skinvive (an injectable hydrator for that dewy glowing skin) and Botox was a dance of rejuvenation and subtlety. Each injection was a precise step towards achieving a look that was radiant yet natural, expressive yet serene – a balance that enhanced my features while respecting the wisdom they carried.

Advanced Laser Skin Treatments: The journey continued with a series of advanced skin treatments. Each session, whether it was the Sciton HALO treatment, the BBL treatments, the chemical peels, or the microneedling; it was a step towards refining my skin’s texture and tone. These treatments were spaced out through the year, ensuring each had the time to weave its magic, leaving my skin not just treated, but transformed.

Monthly NAD+ IV Infusions: These infusions became my secret weapon in combating the signs of aging, infusing my body with the energy and clarity that I thought had been left behind in my youth. Each session was a boost, not just to my skin, but to my overall sense of well-being and brain clarity.


Semi-Permanent Makeup for a Natural Look: The addition of semi-permanent makeup was about enhancing, not masking. It was a subtle nod to the youthful vibrancy that sometimes fades with age, bringing back the natural pigment and definition to my features in a way that felt both empowering and authentic.


The O-Shot: Revitalization Inside and Out: The O-Shot was more than just a treatment; it was a reclaiming of vitality and confidence. It was a reminder that beauty and wellness are not just skin deep, but resonate through every aspect of our being. I felt like I had my engine revved up with the O shot, in a way I didn’t know was possible. It really gave me confidence in my whole body again. 


Lifestyle Commitments Outside TLC:

Embracing the Power of Lifting Heavy: The clink of weights and the satisfying burn of muscles became my morning anthem. Lifting heavy wasn’t just a routine; it was a testament to the strength and resilience I’ve garnered over five decades. The transformation in my physique – firmer, stronger, and more defined – was a visual and tangible marker of my dedication.


A Disciplined, High-Protein Diet: Nutrition was the silent partner in my fitness journey. Each meal was thoughtfully planned to fuel my body and mind, focusing on lean proteins and essential nutrients. This wasn’t just about eating right; it was about honoring my body with the nourishment it deserved.

Cold Exposure Therapy for Recovery and Mental Clarity: My bi-weekly ritual of cold exposure therapy became a sanctuary of rejuvenation. The contrast of the sauna’s embrace and the cold plunge’s invigorating shock was not just a physical detox but also a mental reset, leaving me refreshed and ready to tackle life’s challenges.

As I step into my 50th year, I do so with a sense of accomplishment and excitement. This year at TLC Skincare Clinic was about more than just treatments; it was about crafting a narrative of aging that defies expectations. It was a year of embracing strength, committing to wellness, and celebrating beauty in its most authentic form. I invite you on this journey, to discover your own path of transformation and empowerment at TLC Skincare Clinic.