Coffee, Tacos, Steaks, Wine, and Walks with Bean Dip

Welcome to a special feature on our blog! Today, we’re taking a delightful detour from our usual skincare insights to share something close to our hearts. Meet Madison, our esteemed nurse injector at TLC Skin Care Clinic, who brings beauty to our clients and has an insider’s scoop on the best spots in Woodinville. What makes her recommendations unique? She’s a local through and through, living just a step away from our clinic.

Madison’s days are filled with more than expert skin care; they start with a walk around Woodinville with her adorable dog, Bean Dip. Whether she’s running errands or visiting friends, you can often spot this duo enjoying our town’s walkable streets and friendly ambiance.


Each morning, Madison and Bean Dip make their way to Side Kick for her favorite oat milk cappuccino. This cozy café, a stone’s throw from our clinic, is the perfect spot for a morning energizer. Why not join the local tradition and grab a cup on your way to TLC Skin Care Clinic?


When hunger strikes, Madison’s top choice is Lifted Tacos. Known for their delectable tacos, this local gem is a lunchtime must. After a morning stroll with Bean Dip, Madison often enjoys a quick, flavorful lunch here. Don’t miss out on their signature tacos!


For those special evenings, Madison heads to Walla Walla Steak House. Nestled in Woodinville, it’s her favorite spot for a fine dining experience. Celebrate your skincare successes with us by capping off the day with a luxurious meal here.


Explore Woodinville’s wine culture with our staff’s top 5 winery picks: Mark Ryan, Alexandria Nicole, DeLille, Rocky Pond, and Patterson. Pair your skin care journey with a wine tasting adventure for a truly indulgent experience.  We will put out a second article on wineries.  Our lead master esthetician came from the wine world.  She has some real gems to share so stay tuned. 


Madison adores Molbak’s for the best plants, gifts, and flowers. A Woodinville staple since the 1960s, its world-famous displays are a sight to behold. It’s a peaceful retreat for Madison and Bean Dip, and we recommend it for anyone seeking a touch of nature’s beauty.

From morning coffee walks with Bean Dip to evening escapes at local eateries, Madison’s favorite Woodinville spots offer a glimpse into the vibrant life surrounding TLC Skin Care Clinic. We invite you to explore these local treasures and experience the charm of our community. And when you’re ready for some TLC for your skin, Madison and our team are here to welcome you with expert care and warmth.